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Pilsen Cup 2018 – Day 1 Summary

Pilsen Cup 2018 – Day 1 Summary Pilsen Cup is on once again! First day of the tournament offered a lot of interesting ball-hockey action in both venues hosting the games. There were high wins as well as tough battles. In U15 highlight game, Spišská Belá managed to defeat the West Coast Express of Canada.

16.06.2018 | Marek Kratochvíl


First game of the tournament has seen a dominant display from the Canadian side West Coast Express. They scored eight goals out of 31 shots on target to beat Swiss Belpa and proved their strength. In another game in outdoor rink, the hosts took on the Czechs U-14s. Pilsen took an early lead but the Czechs managed to get back in it in 2nd half. However, then the Marlins scored back-to-back and held on to the lead until the final whistle.

SHC Belpa 1107 – West Coast Express 0-8 (0-4, 0-4)
Česká republika U14 – HBC Plzeň 2-3 (0-1, 2-2)

The Pilseners moved to the arena for their second game as they were set to face Belpa. Only because lack of focus in front of goal, home team wouldn’t score inside 1st period. After the break, the pressure finally brought some goals as well. First Pilsen went ahead before Belpa pushed forward. Šlechta in home team’s goal had to make 14 saves in that 2nd part but he resisted and brought his side to a narrow 1-0 win. The late game in Štruncovy sady offered a much different game. Weiden was no match for the Czech U-14s and lost 9-2.

HBC Plzeň – SHC Belpa 1107 1-0 (0-0, 1-0)
1. EV Weiden – Česká republika U14 2-9

The great highlight of the day was a game between the West Coast Express and Spišská Belá. Both teams showed some great action offensively, nice dekes and tough challenges. The Slovaks scored already in 1st minute of the game. Then the Express equalized but were punished on penalties twice and with another precise strike upstairs, Spišská Belá stretched the gap to 4-1. The Canadians never give up in general and West Coast is no different. They pulled two goals back and were up for the final push, but Filip Mešár’s hattrick goal killed the game off.

West Coast Express – MŠK Špiská Belá 3-5 (1-4, 2-1)


The older category was opened by a game between the Marlins and the Gajary Flames. The Slovak team scored early and managed to double their lead just before the first intermission. Pilsen managed to get back in range on power play, but Ketner scored two more unanswered goals for Gajary and won the game. Other game in the arena was a clash of West Coast Express and Weiden. The Canadians started well and lead by three tallies after first period. They took it even further from there and scored ten goals in the end to win 10-1. Worth to mention that if it wasn’t for Schauer in Weiden’s goal, the final scoreline could look much different.

HBC Plzeň – Gajary Flames 1-4 (0-2, 1-1, 0-1)
West Coast Express – 1. EV Weiden 10-1 (3-0, 5-1, 2-0)

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Pilsen Cup 2018 – Final Day Summary

This year´s Pilsen Cup is over! It saw West Coast Express´ triumph in under-17s while Spišská Belá took gold among under-15s with a win over hosts HBC Plzeň. Their older clubmates finished 3rd after Sunday playoffs.

Team GP S P
1. Plzeň 22 79:34 54
2. Pardubice 22 78:43 52
3. Kladno 22 69:45 44
4. Most 22 65:48 44
5. Kert Park Praha 22 83:57 42
6. Sudoměřice 22 48:62 27
7. Ústí n/L 22 53:70 27
8. Třinec 22 60:69 26
9. Letohrad 22 49:59 25
10. Kovo Praha 22 53:65 21
11. 22 38:77 20
12. Hradec Králové 22 45:91 14
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