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PCH 2015 | Daily Summary: Sunday

PCH 2015 | Daily Summary: Sunday Tournament is over with the hosts taking the gold over Skalica and Oberwill showing some class in fights against team West Coast Express. Both games have been a rematch for last round of group stage from Saturday evening.

08.02.2015 | Marek Kratochvil

Oberwil Rebells 6-0 West Coast Express

The Swiss proved the day before that they don’t have such a problem getting used to 5 on 5 system bringing some of the national team players with them. “The guys should be able to play with anybody. We usually have terrible first games on tournaments and this was the case as well. It was only our fault, that we are not in the final game, because we couldn’t win games against Pilsen and Skalica where we were in front right before the end,” Tibor Kapanek – the coach of Oberwil said.

His team started well and scored early on a 5 on 3 power play. The discipline of West Coast players was the problem most of the game. They offered the Rebells way too many powerplays [22 PIM] and the Swiss found a way to exploit from that and scored 5 goals throughout the game on PP. The sixth one then came while teams played at four men each. “The tournament was well prepared. We had some misfortune coming our way and lost some players because of injuries [fractured ankle, concussion, knee injury, separated shoulder]. Now that is a problem for a team, when you don’t have so many players like us. I think the Slovak game and Swiss game yesterday were good. We would like to play Plzen again to show a good ball hockey game, because mainly for the guys who are here for first time, it was really difficult the first night,” Gary Slavin pointed out. “[Playing] 5 on 5 – I was not concerned. By the end of this game, we only had 6 players playing on the bench. Next time if we manage to bring more players together, we will compete better as well,” he said about the game for bronze.

HBC Plzen 3-2 HbK HOKEJMARKET Skalica

Since Skalica managed to beat Plzen in Saturday night game, it got a chance to play for gold on Sunday – against the same opponent. Only change was in the goal crease, where stood Martin Kukral on Saturday. Final game belonged to Petr Kracina. The Slovaks have chosen Komenda.

First period was quite careful from both sides. Skalica had some breakaways, but Kracina managed to take care of that. Ondrej Maly scored the opener on first power play of the game with just one minute to go in first.

The Marlins resisted shorthanded after the intermission and increased their lead with Jaroslav Kejr’s wrist shot goal following Pauer and Svarc giving up on their chances. Plzen had more of the game in the second period, but Radoslav Petrovic scored from left circle in last minute and gave its side a better chance for the final period.

Kracina had to make a brilliant save right after the break, but the Slovaks boosted after first goal scored anyway. Martin Daniel fired it through Kracina on blocker side.

Skalica returned back in the game, but its players once again lost their temper, collected some absurd penalties [Kolinek 5 min + game misconduct – spearing] and were punished. Michal Edl scored on a 5 on 3 power play and decided about the winner.

Skalica had some chances later, but could not capitalize on them with more penalties coming their way.


  • GK: Martin Kukral (PLZ)
  • D: Dylan Churchwell (WCE)
  • D: Radovan Zelenka (SKA)
  • F: Martin Krch (PLZ)
  • F: Marc Müller (OBE)
  • F: Michal Patinka (SKA)
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