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PCH 2015 | Daily Summary: Saturday

Second day closed the group stage of 2015 Pilsen Challenge. West Coast won against Skalica, but a loss to Oberwil gave them no chance to play for gold. They will have a rematch against the Swiss since Kapanek´s team lost two games in the very end.

07.02.2015 | Marek Kratochvíl

West Coast Express 5-2 HbK HOKEJMARKET Skalica

The Canadians entered the game with a pace and quality and it was obvious they want to make a better impression than the day before. However, their pressure in opening period wasn’t transformed in goals.

Although Skalica didn’t have much of the game, they opened the scoreline with a nice goal by Kolinek. Then it was pretty much all about West Coast Express. The Canadians scored 4 straight including one in power play and one shorthanded. Skalica pulled one down before the second horn, but received the fifth one in the third.

This gave West Coast an opportunity to run for the place in final game on Sunday.

HBC Plzen 3-2 Oberwil Rebells

Home team gave chance to Kukral in its second game on tournament against Oberwil and he didn’t let anybody down for sure. After first great save, Lukas Hanus scored already in fourth minute. Oberwil equalized right before horn and added the second one in second period.

Like yesterday, it looked for a while that the Rebells are going for a win, which would give every team one win before the third round, but once again, the lost it in the end. Plzen scored two quick goals thanks to Krch and Hanus and turned the game around, which meant one place in the final game taken for the hosts.

Oberwil Rebells 4-0 West Coast Express

West Coast Express relived its chance for the final game against Pilsen in their second game, but they had to beat Oberwil as a confirmation. The Canadians had a great pressure in the first, but didn’t score and probably regret it later.

As the game went on, Oberwil began to be more and more dangerous and finally broke the deadlock with the end of second period thanks to Sandro Heyen. The Rebells scored once more right after the intermission on power play and immediately added the third one. The Canadians tried to picked their hopes in a power play, but passed it straight on Aergerter’s stick and received another one.

This result gave Oberwil a good chance to appear on Sunday’s final with four points. They needed Skalica to lose to Plzen in the evening game.

HBC Plzen 1-2so HbK HOKEJMARKET Skalica

Plzen started Kukral most probably wanting Kracina to play the final game on Sunday. Skalica struggled offensively and couldn’t score from lots of chances, which meant the Marlins took the lead eventually in the second period with Vit’s rebound.

The Slovaks couldn’t keep their nerves in a dramatic end and two of them were called for three personal misconducts in total complying another minor penalties. Despite that and also one disallowed goal in the third, they managed to equalize with Necas‘ tap-in on the crease.

Any win would send Skalica into the final and they went for it through OT. Cernek scored as the only player in shoot-out that followed.

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