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Pilsen Challenge 2018 will be ready soon. Tournament starts on Friday

Pilsen Challenge 2018 will be ready soon. Tournament starts on Friday International men´s ballhockey tournament Pilsen Challenge is here again. The tournament starts of Friday 9th February, the quarterfinals being played the next day and final games are on the date 11th February. The eight teams from Switzerland, Slovakia, Canada and Czech Republic will compete here!

07.02.2018 | Tomáš Majer

Group A

Both of groups have four teams. In the first group will play the leader of swiss league SHC Belpa 1107 with many players from national team Switzerland. Such as Alessio Faina and Marc Müller. They have most points in their team as well as in the whole league.

The second team is West Coast Express from Canada. Most of the team is filled with players from Vancouver. The head of the team is Gary Slavin, former Canada national teams manager. Tournament spectators will be able to see some players who represented Canada on World Junior Championships 2012 and 2014. The Express is the important part of tournaments Pilsen Challenge and Pilsen Cup U15.

They will have to face national team Slovakia U20. They prepare themselves for next junior championship in the July. Slovakian ballhockey players will try to defend the gold medals. On the roster are some players that earned silver team U18 on the last junior championship and young players from Slovakian league.

The last team who will compete in the group A is the home team HBC Plzeň. Marlins are tournament winners since 2014! The coach Michal Edl trains many talented players like national team defender Ondřej Benedikt. Plzeň has the great strength in the net with goalies Kráčina and Návara. The tournament will be chance for a few players from club junior team U20.

Group B

The tournament will be opened by SHC Grenchen-Limpachtal which stands on 3rd place in the swiss league NLA. Grenchen has in its line-up few players from Switzerland national team just like Belpa. Worth mentioning are forward Lars Henzi and defender Mark Aegerter. Spectators will be able to see former Pilsen defender Michal Slanec.

Grenchen´s first rival will be Czech Republic U20 national team. The team is preparing for the upcoming WJC at St. John´s. Czech team is hungry for the golden medals, they have won their last in 2002 where Pilsen´s coach Michal Edl was playing. Except many players from czech extraleague are on the roster and three players from HBC Plzeň. Tomáš Majer, Jakub Vobruba and goalie David Hrubý.

The next team of the group B is the last Czech champion HC Kert Park Praha. Head Coach David Kuna used to be a junior national team coach and that means he has plenty of experience. In Kert´s attack is the great trio Kruček, Wróbel and Fejfar. These guys were playing in the last World championship in Pardubice 2017. We shouldn´t forget on their great defense and goalies.

Leaders Ružinov Bratislava from Slovakian capital city are traditional part of the tournament Pilsen Challenge. They played here in 2010 first. They have plenty of skilled players. Head of their defence Pavol Blahut can be proud of the gold medal from last world championship. We should mention Miroslav Behúl as the chief of their attack. Their goal is to improve skills their young teammates playing on higher level for short time

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This year´s Pilsen Cup is over! It saw West Coast Express´ triumph in under-17s while Spišská Belá took gold among under-15s with a win over hosts HBC Plzeň. Their older clubmates finished 3rd after Sunday playoffs.

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11. 22 38:77 20
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