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Pilsen Cup 2016 – Sunday: West Coast Express Takes Gold, Gajary Left With Bronze

Pilsen Cup 2016 – Sunday: West Coast Express Takes Gold, Gajary Left With Bronze It was a debut of West Coast Express at the Pilsen Cup this year and it was the best one they could hope for. The Canadians won all of their six games throughout the campaign to seize the gold. Home side got silver medals and improved one step after bronze last year. That went to former Champions from Gajary.

13.06.2016 | Marek Kratochvíl

Gold – West Coast Express

Team West Coast Express showed some skill and quality in the first two days and continued to do so also on Sunday. At first, they had to finish round robin with a game against Blatná. An early goal by Whittaker and a total 4-0 win closed a great group stage for the Canadians sending them straight into the Final against the hosts.

O‘Reilly sent his side upfront with a goal deep in the first half and the Express held the lead until the break. Early after the intermission, Pilsen managed to equalise thanks to Miksan, but the Canadians answered straight away and took the lead back with what was eventually the Cup winning goal. They had to kill some penalties late in the game to see Kaidan Johnson put an insurance on the win with an empty netter.

Tyler Slavin and Cole Moffat appeared in tournament´s all-stars team selection while Zackery Whittaker became the MVP of the Pilsen Cup and Trevor O‘Reilly best player of his team.

Game details: WCE 4-0 BLA | Online coverage
Game details: WCE 3-1 PLZ | Online coverage

West Coast bench celebrating the final win. Photo by Milan Podpera.

Silver – HBC Plzeň

The host side had one game left to play before the Final as well. They encountered with the Czech U-14 team and won it by the same result as the WCE defeated Blatná. 2+1 from Reiser helped to get a 4-0 win and move to the last game with a bit of confidence boost.

Anyway, the Final didn´t go well for the home team. Despite the equaliser from Miksan in the second half, the final score turned out just as in the first mutual game of both sides on Friday. Pilsen lost to West Coast Express 3-1, but second place still stands for an improvement of last year‘s bronze medals.

The best player of Pilsen at the tournament was Roman Poláček with Marek Reiser joining the all-stars team.

Game details: CZE 0-4 PLZ | Online coverage
Game details: WCE 3-1 PLZ | Online coverage

Nothing but silver medals for the host side. Photo by Milan Podpera.

Bronze – L2hockey Gajary Flames

The Slovaks were sentenced to bronze medal game after two losses on Saturday and had to give up the thoughts for defending the title from last season. At first, they finished their route to play-offs with one last win defeating Weiden 8-0 after six-goals spree in the first half including three (!) goals scored inside the last minute before the break and Pavelka´s 4+1 contribution.

For the bronze, Gajary played the Czechs U-14. The first game finished with a high 7-1 win for the Flames and since they were already 2-0 ahead after four minutes of this one, it looked to offer a similar outcome. However, the Czechs pulled off a great game after that, they scored once before the break and equalised with less than 8 minutes to go. Gajary eventually came out better from a terrific climax of this game. After Kulman hit the post, Marco Tomkovič stood up and scored a winner 28 seconds before the final horn.

Gajary´s best player was author of the bronze-winning goal – Marco Tomkovič. Goalie Samuel Cigánik appeared in the all-stars and Adam Pavelka became the top scorer of the tournament with 11 points for 9 goals and 2 assists.

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Marco Tomkovič scored the last-minute bronze-winning goal. Photo by Milan Podpera.

4th – Czech National Under-14 Team

Since the Czechs joined the tournament on Saturday, they had to finish round robin with two more games on Sunday before fighting for medals.

In the morning, they defeated Weiden 5-0 in a quite one-sided display and early afternoon, they finished the group with a game against the host side. They ended up losing 4-0 in this one. We already talked about the bronze medal game, in which the Czechs put up a great performance. However, they came up just short in the end losing by the closest possible difference.

David Tušl was selected as team´s best player at the Pilsen Cup while Dominik Tichý joined Tyler Slavin in defense pair of the all-stars team.

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The Czechs pulled out their best performance in the play-offs. Photo by Milan Podpera.

5th – TJ Blatná Datels

The Datels started the Sunday schedule with a game against the soon-to-be champions from Canada. Tough game but an acceptable result with a 4-0 win for the favourites.

In the game for fifth place, Blatná met with Weiden which the Czech side managed to defeat 4-1 in the group stage as David Braun scored a hattrick. It was the captain who lead his team again in this game. Schultes opened the scoreline for Weiden, but Braun´s two tallies turned it around soon. Hnyk set up Blatná 3-1 ahead just before the break, but Schultes put the Germans back in the run with four minutes to go. However, a dramatic ending with a power play from the Germans didn‘t result in another goal as Blatná defended their tight lead.

The best player of the South-Bohemian team was without any doubt David Braun (9+1), the captain, team‘s top scorer who came just one point short of total top scorer Adam Pavelka (9+2) and a well-deserved all-stars team member.

Game details: WCE 4-0 BLA | Online coverage
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Matěj Hnyk converted Braun´s assist into game winner in clash for fifth place. Photo by Milan Podpera.

6th – 1. EV Weiden

The Germans didn´t win a single game at the tournament, but gained a lots of experience instead. First two games on Sunday didn´t went exactly as they would like them to losing 5-0 to Weiden and 8-0 to Gajary, but they put up a great fight in the play-offs.

Blatná eventually win the battle for fifth, but the Germans gave them nothing for free with Luca Schultes scoring two goals turning the game into a drama. Great display of a strong will and a nice comeback into the game after losing an early lead in the first half.

Weiden‘s best player was Luca Schultes, who scored three of his side‘s five goals in the campaign, all of them against Blatná.

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One of Luca Schultes´ goals for Weiden against Blatná. Photo by Milan Podpera.


F: David Braun (BLA) – Marek Reiser (PLZ) – Cole Moffat (WCE)

D: Tyler Slavin (WCE) – Dominik Tichý (CZE)

G: Samuel Cigánik (GAJ)

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