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Pilsen Challenge Day Two: Pilsen And Ruzinov Will Meet In Final, Express Out

Pilsen Challenge Day Two: Pilsen And Ruzinov Will Meet In Final, Express Out Day two closed round robin of this year’s Pilsen Challenge. Pilsen scored 21 goals on Saturday! Ruzinov lost to the home side 9-1, but will have a chance to do better again tomorrow as the Slovaks took the second Final spot. Kovo will join Oberwil in battle for third as Prague won over West Coast narrowly 3-2.

13.02.2016 | Marek Kratochvíl

Oberwil Defeated Kovo With Quick Goals

The Swiss team scored three goals in first period including one on a 5-on-3 power play. Kovo changed the goalie for rest of the game, but conceded one more time right in the beginning of second part.

The Rebells, especially the powerplay line with Mellinger, Stücki, Döbeli and Roušal controlled the game. Meier added the fifth one in the third and even though Kovo scored on a power play in the end, it was a well deserved win for the Swiss.

One-sided Prequel Of Final For Pilsen

The hosting side met with Ruzinov shortly afternoon. Four goals in the first period already determined the winner. Strecha’s lone goal in the third couldn’t change a thing. Pilsen scored nine goals in total and could have score even more if there wasn’t Oliver Pukalik in the goal since period 2.

He did well and showed some really great saves to keep it at one digit. On the other side, 2009 World Champion Petr Sulan took a spot in the crease.

Kovo Won At Last To Secure Sunday Game

Next game was to determine whether it will be Kovo or the West Coast Express who will play on Sunday. The Canadians started quickly as they do and just seconds after hitting post in 2nd minute in, they scored the opener.

Kovo turned the scoreline around with three goals in six min span, but the Express pulled one down just before the second horn. They produced a great pressure on the opposition in the rest of the game, but were really unfortunate. A couple of posts being hit and a couple of great saves being made by Lain meant that once again, the Canadians won’t reach for points.

Ruzinov Made Up For Morning Loss With A Win Over Oberwil

It was an easy win for the Slovaks in the end. They scored twice in each period while Humlicek shut the door for the Rebells. Behul and Ligas both scored two goals in the game, Danko and Rimsky added the rest.

Pilsen 12° As A Goodbye For WCE

Pilsen and West Coast Express closed the round robin with a mutual encounter on Saturday evening. It was a clear win for the hosts who produced a great amount of 44 shots, compared to 10 of the opposition.

Lukas Vodrazka and Ondrej Kejr both had hat tricks and helped the home team to keep a pace of 4 goals scored per period. Grendal and Gajdos were the only goal scorers on the other side.

Group Table

1. HBC Plzen 4-0-0 27:4 12 points
2. Leaders Ruzinov Bratislava 2-1-1 13:13 7 points
3. Oberwil Rebells 2-0-2 11:14 6 points
4. TJ Kovo Praha 2-1-1 4:9 4 points
5. West Coast Express 0-0-4 11:26 0 points

Sunday Schedule

11:00 AMBronze Medal Game TJ Kovo Praha vs. Oberwil Rebells
1:30 PM Final HBC Plzen vs. Leaders Ruzinov
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