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Pilsen Challenge Day One: Two Wins For Hosts, Ruzinov Second So Far

Pilsen Challenge Day One: Two Wins For Hosts, Ruzinov Second So Far First day of this year’s Pilsen Challenge offered five games in the Pilsen arena. Pilsen beat both Kovo and Oberwil, Ruzinov defeated West Coast Express after sharing a goalless draw with Kovo, leaving the Canadians without points before weekend.

12.02.2016 | Marek Kratochvíl

Plzen Wins The Czech Duel

Tournament started with encounter of the only two Czech participants. Home side fulfilled the role of clear favourites presumed by the league standings with two long-range goals and a shutout.

Jaroslav Pauer scored the opener after ten minutes of play. After a goalless second period, Plzen increased the lead with a power play goal by Lukas Vodrazka right at the beginning of final part. Kovo didn’t answer even once, despite having couple of power plays themselves late in the game.

Two Strikes In 26 Seconds Stopped The Express

Oberwil and West Coast Express followed early afternoon. The Swiss took the lead after four minutes of game thanks to Döbeli, but Chima’s attempt right after a face off only half a minute later made it even again. Döbeli added his second one right before the half time from a breakaway, but Sandhu equalised in the second.

Once again, the Swiss took the lead with Hohl scoring on a power play, but Stefan’s clever finish made it 3-3. However, in the very same minute (37th) the Rebells scored twice thanks to Meier and Hildreth and grabbed the 5-3 win at start of the tournament.

Ruzinov And Kovo Split Points

A tough second game awaited for Kovo that lost the morning game to Plzen without scoring. Both teams had couple of chances throughout the game, Kovo even hit the post, but nobody managed to score until 43th minute of the game when Franek’s baseball-like shot sent the ball behind Humlicek.

Unfortunately for the team from Prague, one of the assistants was not found in the game report resulting into the lone goal being disallowed and closing the game goalless.

Second Win For Host Side

The second game for Pilsen and Oberwil was the one that would set the leader after day one. Both teams had a win from early games and now encountered together. Hosts didn’t wait for anything and started strong with Svarc’s two goals inside first 7 minutes.

Kracina saved Rousal’s breakaway in the 2nd period and when J. Benedikt and Krasny added two more goals late in the third one, the only question remained, whether it will be a second shutout for home team? No. In the end, Rebells’ captain Mellinger scored with a strike from deep neutral zone taking advantage of Kracina’s weak moment.

Second Period Tipped The Scales For Ruzinov

The Slovaks knew it wouldn’t be easy against West Coast Express when Grandal scored already in the first minute. Fortunately for them, Rimsky equalised just before the break. Second period came out clearly for the Slovaks. Jasso, Strecha, Danko and Rimsky scored four goals while Findura only decreased the gap for the Canadians.

For more, Huber added a sixth one for Ruzinov right after the 2nd intermission. Stefan and Dzupina scored two goals for the Express shortly after that, but it turned out to be a too-little too-late kind of thing.

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