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Rebells coach Fabian Hofstetter: It’s nice to be a part on this Challenge

Rebells coach Fabian Hofstetter: It’s nice to be a part on this Challenge Team Oberwill Rebels from Zug is half season champion in Swiss league. Lot of Rebells-players will come to Pilsen in several times. But their coach Fabian Hofstetter have never been there. „It will be a pleasure for me to see the city and the ball hockey arena“, Hofstetter says.

11.02.2016 | Tomáš Majer

Oberwil Rebells will attend the Pilsen Challenge (former Pilsen Cup) again. Is the international ball hockey confrontation important for your team?
Yes, of course. It´s important for us to play on this level and it’s nice to be a part on this Challenge.

What do you think about Pilsen ball hockey arena and the city?
I am sorry about that but i have never been in Pilsen. So it will be a pleasure for me to see the city and the ball hockey arena.

What is your ambition for 2016 tournament?
We are motivated to play every game as our best and then we will see what is happened.

Until now, former Rebel and Slovakia national team defender Tibor Kapánek arrived every year with the Rebells. Is he coming this year as well?
I don’t know, maybe he’s going to observe the swiss national team players.

You won the World Cup in Nitra last summer. Do you think, that Pilsen Challenge games will be on a similar level?
Yes, I think the games against Pilsen, Kovo Praha or Ruzinov will have the same level and this is perfect for my team and this is perfect to be prepared for the rest of the swiss-championship.

At the World Cup, there were Pilsen defenders Michal Edl and Michal Slanec playing on your team. There is also Adam Roušal, a former Pilsen forward. Will you have some other Czechs to help you out this tournament?
First i want to say thank you to “Chara” (Edl) and “Slana”(Slanec) because they played with us at the worldcup and we are proud to have Adam as a fixed player with us. On this Tournament we play only with Rebells-Players and we have no other players to help us.

How did your team play so far in the Swiss league? You changed to the 5+1 system in the Switzerland. Could this be helpful for you during international games like these?
Yes of course. This new system 5+1 could be helpful during the international games. We do not have to change the system of swiss league into international system.

In June 2015, Zug organised the World Championship. Many games had a very good atmosphere and a high attendance. Do you think that it helped ball hockey in Zug? For example do you have more children interested in starting with ball hockey? In case of Pilsen 2009 World Championship, this was the case.
The World Championship was a good commercial for the Rebells and Ballhockey as well. Same children became interesting in playing Ballhockey at the Rebells, but unfortunately in Switzerland not for all Teams.

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