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Polak Will Lead Ruzinov As Playing Coach

Polak Will Lead Ruzinov As Playing Coach After two years, one of the best Slovak teams recently will return to Pilsen. Leaders Ruzinov Bratislava are set to compete under Frantisek Polak, who played already at the 2014 Pilsen Cup. Now, he will try to succeed in both roles, as a coach and as a player. “I try to prepare myself for Veterans’ Worlds in Canada, so I’m glad I will be able to play a top-level ball hockey”, he said before taking the road to Pilsen.

10.02.2016 | Marek Kratochvíl

Despite the Pilsen fans will be able see Frantisek Polak in action, the team won’t lack a proper coaching. “I’m not going to play in all games for sure. I’ll leave myself aside for some of them and when I play, my assistant will coach the team,” explains Polak, who is looking forward to play games at last after winter drill: “We focused on strength and stamina in our training. We practised mainly in the gym and the players had a four-day camp as well. Now we finally begin with our sticks again.”

Ruzinov stands fourth in the Slovak Extraliga so far, which can look good enough, but Polak warns: “The point difference between us and teams below the play-off spots is minimal.”

Besides the league standings, Ruzinov watch also for some other goals. “We want to include some of our younger players into the team, which we do,” he describes. For Pilsen Challenge, Novak will have almost whole squad available with some players extra on top of it: “We have several World Champions on our roster. Dusan Danko, Janko Rimsky, Miroslav Behul. We also count with the Czechs Blasko and Strecha. They’re a great improvement for us.”

Ruzinov wants to present themselves like a team that stands on a “great defence and takes advantage of quick breakaways.” The main objective is to improve result from 2014. Back then they finished last with no points won.

An advantage for Ruzinov is that most of their players know the arena and its surface already. “We’ve been there already and most of us were pleased with the surface. We practice on a similar one in Ruzinov as well,” Bratislava’s coach confirmed. He is especially looking forward to meet with the Canadian team: “I’ve came to touch with Canadian ball hockey before, but it was on the international level each time. It was always special and I’m curious what will the team look like this time.”

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Pilsen Cup 2018 – Final Day Summary

This year´s Pilsen Cup is over! It saw West Coast Express´ triumph in under-17s while Spišská Belá took gold among under-15s with a win over hosts HBC Plzeň. Their older clubmates finished 3rd after Sunday playoffs.

Team GP S P
1. Plzeň 22 79:34 54
2. Pardubice 22 78:43 52
3. Kladno 22 69:45 44
4. Most 22 65:48 44
5. Kert Park Praha 22 83:57 42
6. Sudoměřice 22 48:62 27
7. Ústí n/L 22 53:70 27
8. Třinec 22 60:69 26
9. Letohrad 22 49:59 25
10. Kovo Praha 22 53:65 21
11. 22 38:77 20
12. Hradec Králové 22 45:91 14
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