Infobar:  Pilsen Challenge 2018: 9th - 11th February

Three straight wins send Pilsen into semi

Quarterfinal series between Pilsen and Elba DDM Ústí nad Labem wasn’t as even as the results may seem. After first clear 4-1 win at home, the Marlins won a tough second game in OT and added a narrow 1-0 victory away from home to seal their semi-final spot.

08.05.2015 | Marek Kratochvíl

The first game was fully under control of home team. The Marlins took their chances in the first period, grabbed two-nothing lead and never let it go. Elba decreased the gap in the second, but conceded another one right after that and the empty netter just before the end.

Great start seemed to be crucial in the play-off games and Elba put everything into it the next day. Prášek managed to score for lead in 4th minute and gave his side this advantage, but the Pilseners didn’t panic. They improved their game step-by-step and equalised in the second period thanks to Malý.

As the game was getting closer to finish, both teams focused primarily on defence. Pilsen had some good chances in the end and kept its pace for the OT as well, which led them to the game-winning goal. Marek Švarc fired one right into top corner from behind the blue line and made it 2-0 in the series.

Marek Švarc celebrates his first of two goals on Saturday – (4-1 W). Photo by Milan Podpera.

“The Sunday game was much more difficult. Both teams defended well and nobody wanted to make a mistake. There were also more emotions in it. The refs sent out three players already in the first period,” Marek Švarc said after the weekend.

“I was fortunate enough to catch a pass of their defender behind blue line, I took a swing and hit it well. It was a pretty good shot into right top corner,” he described his third goal in play-offs and game decider of the Sunday match.

The final step was about to be done the next weekend in Ústí. Home team started well, but Pilsen defended its goal with Kráčina in it. In the beginning of second period Elba had a great chance, but Soukup hit just the pipe.

Finally Martin Krch broke the deadlock with a lucky dump-in from blue line in 24th minute. Lots of penalties then interrupted the game, but the scoreline remained the same until the very end, which the home side played in three men because of their lack of discipline and two roughing calls.

“I’ve said it before the play-offs that it’s a current form, not the stats what is important. We deserved to go further since our only lack of focus came in the beginning of game 2. Except that, we focused well and all players did their job,” coach Kadaně said after the third game.

“I only regret the unfair challenge of our opponent with twenty seconds to go, because the season may be finished for Marek Švarc because of that,” Kadaně added.

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