Infobar:  Pilsen Challenge 2018: 9th - 11th February

The Marlins finished fourth and will start Playoffs against Ústí nad Labem

And it was Ústí nad Labem, who prepared the last defeat for Pilsen so far in 20th round. However, coach Kadaně believes his team is improving right before the Playoffs and hopes it will confirm that with the right results when the time will come.

24.04.2015 | Marek Kratochvíl

Pilsen suffered a harsh 1-6 loss to Elba Ústí nad Labem, but the result is certainly not telling the whole story. The Marlins didn’t play well, but they were missing simply too many players.

“We played well only first three minutes and we missed our chances. However, it’s unbelievable that we had only 9 players available out of 20,” Kadaně said afterwards.

Among the missing players were also both Kejř brothers, captain Michal Edl and the most productive forward Jiří Benedikt.

Next game in schedule was at Kovo Praha with most of the missing guys back and ready in the line-up. Pilsen had to win to stay on fourth position and goals by Pauer and Slanec gave them an important two-goals lead.

Kovo stroke back twice in the final period and equalised, but when the game slowly headed into OT, Pejchar’s long-range attempt from red line surprised Mikl and disappeared behind his back. With a little more than two minutes remaining, Kovo didn’t manage to answer again and Marlins won it 3-2.

Before the last game of the regular season against Most, the fourth position for Pilsen was definite. The Marlins took a 2-nothing lead again scoring one of the goals on PP. Valenta pulled one down for visitors with two minutes to go, but it showed up to be a ‘too little too late’ kind of thing.

Team celebration after Gřonka´s goal to make it 2-0. (2-1 W)

“I think that the final result doesn’t quite reflect the picture of tonight’s game. We played really well except for a few minutes after 1st intermission. In fact, it was our best-balanced performance after the break so far and I’m glad it’s just before Play-offs. We’re not afraid of our record from mutual games against Ústí, because it’s the current condition of the team what will be decisive and we showed that.”

Our mood is good and the things work also on the field. We don’t have to be afraid of our opponent, but we also can’t underestimate Elba,” Ondřej Benedikt knows.

The quarterfinal starts on Saturday, April 25th in Pilsen Ball-hockey Arena.

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